x-o.global is a location-media platform proposing a series of sound interventions in hybrid geographies and zones of conflict; in public places where cultural encounters expose the contradictions of a globalized order that allows commodities, information, and data to move freely, but not people. As an interactive and flexible platform,  x-o.global examines the migratory phenomenon of the Haitian community moving from Chile to the US-Mexico border. It inserts sound into a set of selected landmarks across the main migration routes. The geolocative technology of the web-based interface relies on mobile devices to read the user’s geographical coordinates. The data extracted from the users’ device interacts with sound-maps traced over the urban fabric to create non-linear sonic narratives responding to the user’s navigation. The platform stresses the necessity of shaping, manipulating, and appropriate hegemonic planetary-scale computational systems, such as the GPS (Global Positioning System), to make the public sphere a techno-poetic device enabled by a multi-layered sensorial experience. This sound cartography aims to disarm old notions of the urban and rebuild the city itself as a cultural weapon able to connect the spatial with the virtual, which in turn, suggests a speculative stance revolving around the parallel implementations of complex technological systems that generate accessible fields for reflection and resistance. 

*Version 1.0